This is a private practice, therefore there is a fee associated with the services provided. Costs for services are not covered under your Alberta Health Card. However, the cost may qualify under your Extended Health Insurance Policy. For instance, as well as for coverage for medications, individuals may also have coverage for things like massages, physiotherapy, and counseling/therapy and mediation services.

  • Employers may have provision for coverage of therapy/mediation services with their extended health policy. (i.e., Great West Line, Blue Cross, Manual Life, etc.) as this therapist is a Registered Social Worker in Alberta.
  • Motor Vehicle accident victims are often eligible for funding to provide therapy through their motor vehicle insurance companies under Section B Funding: Accidents.
  • Lastly, all counseling and mediation fees are tax deductible under medical costs when provided by a Registered Health Professional in Alberta. There is no GST charged.

Please Note: This business does not direct bill to insurance companies, but does provide you with a receipt for you to apply for reimbursement. It is the sole responsibility of the client to check with their health benefit provided prior to scheduling an appointment to ensure counseling/mediation services are covered.


Questions to Ask About Coverage

Please check with your company benefits, your supplemental health benefits, your motor vehicle insurance company to find out what coverage is available. Here are some questions you ask:

1. Do my benefits cover counseling/psychotherapy/mediation?

2. Do my benefits cover Registered Clinical Social Workers with a Masters Level of Education?

3. Is there a maximum per session fee that will be reimbursed?

4. What is the yearly maximum coverage available?


Length Sessions

The first session is an hour and a half (90 minutes) in order to provide sufficient time to conduct an assessment and have the ability to talk afterward.

  • Subsequent counseling/therapy sessions are generally an hour but may go longer than an hour by the mutual agreement of both the therapist and the client(s). Fees are charged in  15-minute increments. Please note that that the counseling hour is usually 50 minutes long, with the remaining 10 minutes being used for paperwork.
  • Joint Mediation sessions are generally booked in 2 to 3-hour slots, but full day mediation (6 hours) are also available.



Fees – All appointments must be paid at the time of booking of appointment by e-transfer. This deposit is required to reserve the appointment time exclusively for you.  In order for to receive your deposit back, 48 hours’ notice of cancellation is required for appointments booked from Tuesday to Friday, with Monday appointments need to be canceled by Thursday morning to receive a full refund. This office asks that if you are not sure you will be able to book an appointment, please don’t schedule an appointment.


  • Individual, Couple and Family Counselling/Therapy – $170 per hour (the therapeutic hour is 50 minutes long) with first session costing $255 (as ithe therapy session is 90 minutes)


  • Mediation – $220 an hour
  • 1. Pre-Mediation Session – $330.00 for a 90 minute session

        2. Joint Mediation Sessions – $220/an hour (or $110 per person)  which are generally scheduled in two to three-hour time slots.

3. If need to travel for Mediation – Travel Costs – $100 an hour and Mileage $0.70 (Minimum 3-hour mediation scheduled, when traveling).



  • Expert witness testimony: $1200/half day or $2400/full day


  • Consultation/Corporate Services $900/half day or $1800/full day


  • Report reading/writing, telephone consultation, letters, and form completion is billed at the rate of the service being provided.
  • Billing can also occur in 10-minute increments for services done outside the therapy hour such as phone calls, letters and the like calculated at one-fifth the hourly rate for every 10 minutes. Incremental billings are also appropriate for services provided beyond a 50-minute session.
  • Fees for specialized services and treatments not listed on the above schedule may exceed the current recommended guidelines


This schedule fee is meant to reflect a fair fee for services consistent with the qualifications of a Registered Clinical Social Worker with 20 years experience.


Methods of Payment Available

Payment by e-transfer only.  Send e-transfer payments to



Please call (403) 580-6990 to discuss your situation and the cost of services.

All information is confidential!