Want an Affordable Divorce/Separation Agreement?


 Want an Affordable Parenting Plan?


 Want to handle things in a Non-Adversarial Manner?


 Want an Agreement that both parties will honor over time?


 Tired of having the same conversations and not getting anywhere?


 Have children, and need skills to co-parent over time?


Try Family Mediation? 

Reasonable Rates – $220 an hour

No GST Charged!

May be eligible for Insurance Reimbursement

Mediation provided by a Registered Health Profession is a medical expense under Revenue Canada


What is Mediation? 


A mediator is a trained neutral third party who assists people in negotiating their own settlements in an informal, private, and cooperative manner without going to court.

The mediator will not make a decision for you but will provide a problem-solving structure that many people have found helpful. The role of the mediator is to facilitate conversation between the two parties. It is not to judge who is wrong or right, give an opinion or make decisions. All decisions in the mediation are made by the parties in dispute, as it is believed that they are in the best position to come to an agreement. The purpose of mediation is to help the parties to develop a deeper understanding of each other perspectives, an opportunity to share information and ask questions in a non-combative environment. In mediation, understanding does not always mean agreement, while other times, it is this understanding that leads to an agreement that mutually satisfies all parties needs and concerns.

This business uses an Interest-Based Model of Mediation. The stages of mediation are: an introduction which including discussing how the parties will talk to each other in mediation, setting an agenda (what issues do you want to resolve in mediation), understanding each other better (by discussing and sharing your needs, concerns and your perspective with each other), which then leads to developing an agreement that will mutually meet both parties needs. The agreement that is reached in Mediation is called a “Memorandum of Understanding” which can be turned into a legal document through either taking the document to a Commissioner of Oaths or to a lawyer to be put into a legal document.

Most participants who use mediation services find that they are able to come to a resolution and believe that their concerns have been dealt with fairly and much more rapidly than if they pursued a judicial decision. Mediated resolutions also appear to be more satisfactory and more durable because they have been developed by the participants themselves and have been agreed upon voluntarily.

We highly recommend obtaining independent legal advice as neither the Business nor the mediator is practicing law. While general legal information may be given from time to time, it is in the best interests of each party to the mediation to be fully apprised of their legal rights so that they negotiate from a fully informed position.

Our fees are reasonable and can be negotiated to adapt to your required needs. The times’ frames for first mediation meeting, joint mediation meetings, and sequential pre-mediations and service mediations have been set reasonably to again allow a win-win relationship (generally in 2 – 3 hours blocks). Our fees for services can be discussed during our initial meeting.

Types of Mediation Services Offered


Separation and Divorce Agreements
Family Disputes
Parenting Plans
Post-Divorce Issues
Elder Care Disputes

Mediation Services


  • Workplace Disputes
  • Family Disputes
    1. Parenting Issues
    2. Parent/Teen Conflict
    3. Family Conflicts
  • Corporate/Commercial Disputes
  • General Facilitation
  • Community Disputes
  • Insurance/Personal Injury Disputes
  • Healthcare Disputes
  • Labour Diputes
  • Lease/Real Estate/Landlord/Tenant
  • Separation/Divorce Agreements
    1. Possession of matrimonial home
    2. Possession of other belongings
    3. Division of Debts, and Assets and Pension Plans
    4. Spousal support (how much and for what duration)
    5. Matrimonial property division (anything else, inheritances, etc)
    6. Children Issues
    7. Parenting Plans and Parenting Issues
    8. Access (how and under what circumstances the children will spend with each parent)
    9. Child Support (how much and for what duration)
    10. Contact with Children
    11. Guardianship
    12. Child Support
    13. Post-Divorce Issues
    14. Other (example, visitation of other relations)
  • Elder Care Issues
  • Parenting Plans
  • Wills and Estates
  • Post Divorce

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Training and Qualifications in Mediation and Alternative Depute Resolution


The Mediator is a Registered Clinical Social Worker, and a Chartered Mediator (ADR Canada). The Mediator has worked as a therapist for over 17 years, with time spent in Community Mental Health Clinics. She opened my private practice in 2005 and is currently only seeing adults, couples and businesses.   Her private practice offers a variety of services including  Mediation, Psychotherapy, Parenting Skills raining, and Personal Skills Development.

For an Overview of Services provided in this private practice, please click on this link.

The Mediator has extensive experience working with individuals in conflict. She regularly teaches collaborative problem-solving skills to my clients, and  formally expanded my private practice to include Mediation in 2009.

The mediator was first trained in Mediation in 1990/1991 when she did a practicum as a Volunteer Co-ordinator in the Community Mediation Services Program at Community Justice Initiatives in Waterloo, Ontario. To upgrade her mediator training, she has taken over 300 of training in Mediation. She has a Certificate Program in Conflict Management from Alberta Arbitration and Mediation Society, specific training in Divorce and Separation Mediation, as well as training in the management of high conflict individuals.

Violet has the following designations:

  • Registered Clinical Social Worker
  • Chartered Mediator (ADR Canada)

Questions and Comments


If you have any questions about the process, please contact Violet.

For information on types of Mediation done in this practice, please click here to go to the top of the page.



If you have any questions about the process please contact Violet at (403) 580-6990, and she will be happy to answer any questions you have about the process.

For information on types of Mediation done in this practice, please click on Types of Mediation Services.