Violet C Pergel MSW offers a number of different Separation and Divorce Services such as Separation and Divorce Advice, Divorce Coaching,  Mediated Separation Divorce Agreements, Parenting Plans Agreements, Post Divorce Mediation, and Parenting after Separation or Divorce. She has extensive experience working with people in conflict and helping people to solve their own problems.

Her qualifications include:

  • Registered Clinical Social Worker
  • Chartered Mediator

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Separation and Divorce Advice:

– Should I fix or End the relationship?

– What are my options available to me in terms of separation and divorce?

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Divorce Coaching 

– Assists individuals in the divorce process by providing individuals with the tools they need to be able to have their needs met and to deal with effectively with the stress associated with divorce.

– Generally, the divorce process is very difficult for people due to the heightened state of emotions, stress, and conflict associated with divorce.

– Individuals undergoing divorce need a number of skills including communication skills, assertiveness skills,  stress management skills,  self-sooth (or being able to comfort themselves) skills, and manage their emotions and behaviors.


Individual Pre-Mediation/Parent Coordination Information Sessions

If you are unsure whether Mediation or Parent Coordination is the right service for you, please call Violet at (403)580-6990 for an individual Pre-Mediation Session.


  • Separation and Divorce Agreement
    1. How to split up amicably.
    2. Possession of other belongings
    3. Division of Debts, and Assets and Pension Plans
    4. Spousal support (how much and for what duration)
    5. Matrimonial property division (anything else, inheritances, etc)
    6. Children Issues
    7. Parenting Plans and Parenting Issues
    8. Access (how and under what circumstances the children will spend with each parent)
    9. Child Support (how much and for what duration)
    10. Contact with Children
    11. Guardianship
    12. Child Support
    13. Post-Divorce Issues
    14. Other (example, visitation of other relations)
  • Parenting Plans
  • Post Divorce Conflicts

For Information on Mediation, please click Mediation

Post Separation Divorce Services

1) Moving on after Separation/Divorce

– Sometimes it is difficulty moving on after the end of the relationship. If you need help to disengage from the relationship and start their new life without their partner, then some therapy might be what you need.

2) Parenting After Separation/Divorce

– Need help learning how to parent your children after the separation/divorce?

– Not sure how to leave your kids out of the conflict?

– Need to develop a new type of relationship with your ex-partner?

Then this type of therapy is what you need!


Note: This Business does not conduct any Practice Note 7 Interventions,  and  Practice Note 8 Interventions: Parenting Time and Parenting Responsibilities Assessments (formerly known as Custody Assessments or Bilateral Assessments).



Separation and Divorce Links

 What Happens Next:? Information for Kids about Separation and Divorce 
provides general information to children about family law, the processes that parents go through, and normalizes children’s emotional response to the divorce of parents

Families Change Guides on helping children and youth learn and cope with divorce and separation. Also includes information and skills to help parents cope with parenting after separation.

Activities for Helping Children Deal with Divorce: Activities for helping children cope with divorce.

Co-Parenting Communication Guide (PDF)
Arizona Chapter of AFCC
Tools, tips and good practices for co-parents

Tears : A powerful 5-minute video showing what parents can do to children during their break-up.

 Spousal Support: Information on Spousal Support.

Alberta Family Law Information on Alberta Family Law and where to go and get information

Parenting Time for Children under Family Law Act (Alberta) – Information about the Alberta Family Law Act as it applies to Parent.

Sesame Street
Little Children, Big Challenges: Divorce
Resources for parents and children ages 2-8
Freedom 22 Foundation
An interactive website for separating and divorcing parents

Get more information about separation and divorce on MY LINK PAGE

Pamphlets for Parents (From AFCC)


Books on Separation and Divorce (may be available at your library)


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